With the recent uproar over "pink slime" We at Black Meg 43 wanted to let our customers know we have never used ground beef with BPI's (pink slime). While the jury is still out on the possible health issues this may bring in the future, we have made it a point not to have it in our beef. Thanks again for all of the support our customers show us everyday! 

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We are home to $5 Cheeseburger combo. Yes the $5 includes tax, and you get a cheeseburger,fry, and a drink.

You can also get our sloppy Joe combo for $5. Yes, this also includes tax. This comes with 2 sloppy Joe's, fry, and a drink.

Two great deals!!! We hope to see you son!!!!

We are a family dine in restaurant as you can see this little one enjoying her kids burger. We do have high chairs. We also have a drive though if your unable to dine in.

The Bull Ride, 2 lbs. of beef, 6 strips of hickory smoked bacon, 12 slices of American & cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato's, on a 8" bun, with a side of fries and a 24 oz drink. Did I mention it has a ghost pepper sauce that has at least 4 ghost peppers per serving. All for only $25.00 If anyone can finish this mega inferno of a meal in 30 minutes, it all free! Good Luck.

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